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3D CAD Now a Must for Enclosure Manufacturing

enclosure manufacturing

Every enclosure or container manufacturer must offer 3D CAD models! If not, you lose because they will with increased production run times, less complex product designs and more wasted materials. All of which, will be reflected in your final manufacturing cost. Why should this service be offered with enclosure manufacturing? To put it simply, the overhead costs are minimal and the positives are drastically beneficial. Since the turn of the 21 century, 3D CAD, or computer-aided design software has become more affordable, easier to learn and more readily used across all industries.

Technology advances industry. The Wright Brothers’ flyer is no match to the United States newest F/A-22 stealth fighters. Industries will continue to advance over time, 3D CAD is now a mainstream tool that enables more complex enclosure modeling giving product designers the best options to meet their specific housing requirements. It can be used with plastic, metal and other composite alloy types of enclosures. This software has effectively lowered the overall manufacturing costs, expedited the turnaround time for concepts approvals and enclosure modifications include extensive quality assurance programs.

Machines and tools are only one part of the equation and are not the most important feature in manufacturing. The talent and experience using all the various tools in the shed is the sure way to have your product stand above the rest. Additionally enclosure features such as hole punches, screen printing, masking
or graphic overlays can all be value added services but require an extensive knowledge and experience level has to be mastered.

At Buckeye Shapeform we offer our talented engineering team that uses the latest 3D CAD software. Our experience is deeply rooted in the enclosure manufacturing segment since 1902. Throughout our time, we st have advanced our tools, talents and manufacturing capabilities to remain as one of the industry leaders.