Custom Military & Aerospace Enclosures

Leaders in the military and aerospace manufacturing industry know that mission-critical parts and equipment must perform efficiently without fail—even in the harshest conditions. Our deep draw metal fabrication technology and refined enclosure creation processes allow us to create complex and reliable products that meet or surpass military and aerospace performance standards.

Nuclear warheads

Why Partner with Buckeye Shapeform?

Defense and aerospace industry leaders looking to increase innovation should partner with Buckeye Shapeform for precision enclosures and other deep draw products.

  • Innovation – We are able to continually innovate with an experienced design team, the latest emerging design and fabrication technologies, and a high level of engineering expertise.
  • Performance – We offer the best quality and durability, the tightest of tolerances, and endless shapes and sizes, as well as economy in multiple test, measurement and technology applications.
  • Customization – From our diverse off-the-shelf enclosure line to our ability to design and create any type of metal or plastic component, we can deliver what you need—when you need it.

What Deep Draw Can Produce

Whether you need enclosures for sensitive electronics or mission-critical equipment, precision is always our goal. Deep draw technology has a number of advantages over other metal fabrication techniques to ensure product performance that is both reliable and accurate. Deep draw metal forming has the ability to:

  • Produce a variety of complex shapes, such as cylindrical shells and tubes
  • Manufacture at high volumes and high speeds, without reductions in quality
  • Create multiple wall thicknesses and multiple diameters in its final products
“For our rocket launchers, we needed a supplier with expertise in modern fabrication techniques. We needed a team that could give us a perfect inner tube every time, without a welded seam, that could withstand the rugged, deadly arena of the battlefield.”

—Our client’s program manager

Read our military/aerospace case study to find out how Buckeye Shapeform worked with a maker of rocket launchers to provide seamless inner tubes that could withstand the battlefield.

The Deep Draw Advantage: Accuracy, Precision, and Cost

By using our in-house deep draw technology, we are able to lower material costs and product weight, all while maintaining the highest standards needed for the most complex missions and applications.

  • Improved Accuracy: Deep draw metal forming creates highly calibrated products, with tight tolerances within thousandths of an inch.
  • More Precise Finishes: Eliminate secondary operations with a sealable finish on products of 63 microinches or less. This creates a direct application sealing of gaskets during final assembly.
  • Reduced Materials Used: Deep draw technology reduces the use of raw materials, which in turn minimizes operations and reduces the time and money needed to assemble separate product components. All of this results in significant savings.

Your Product, Your Choice of Metal

Deep draw products undergo innovative integrity-testing procedures, but they are virtually flawless—with no seams or welds—and can be created from a variety of metals, including:

  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Mild (cold rolled) steel
  • Precious metals
  • Any ductile material

Aluminum is preferred for its uniform grain structure, strength, ability to absorb vibration, and higher-quality parts that are less brittle. Aluminum also delivers three times the effective product as steel. The final aluminum product is strong and ductile, but also reduces vibration.

Military/Aerospace Resources

White Paper

Serving the Needs of Military and Aerospace Industry Leaders

Buckeye Shapeform has the technology and expertise to ensure that precision and performance of mission critical applications are maintained, all while enhancing the efficiencies necessary to allow military and aerospace industry leaders to remain competitive in an economic environment nearly as harsh as that encountered by the finished product.

White Paper

Deep Draw Technology: Making High-Quality Mission-Critical Parts Affordable to Produce

In applications where product performance is mission critical, commercial, military and aerospace companies need technology they can rely on to manufacture deep-drawn cylindrical product components that deliver superior product integrity and optimal performance results. That’s where Buckeye Shapeform fits in.


Manufacturing Seamless Inner Tubes for Rocket Launchers

Buckeye Shapeform provided an unmatched level of person-focused service and engineering expertise to produce a seamless aluminum alloy inner tube for a rocket launcher for a company that supplies equipment to the United States government for military purposes.

Case Study

TOW® Missile Housings

Buckeye Shapeform used deep-draw technology to produce missile housings for the tube-launched, optically-tracked, wireless-guided (TOW®) weapon system for a company that supplies equipment to the United States government for military purposes.

Request a Quote on Your Project

Please reach out to discuss how Buckeye Shapeform can help with your metal fabrication needs.

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