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Buckeye Shapeform's Customizable Electronic Enclosures, Metal Containers and Deep Draw Technology—Manufactured in the USA to Meet Your Specifications.

We can provide CAD data on our electronic enclosures and  metal cans or we can help you to make the perfect fit for your project.

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Metal & Plastic Electronics Enclosures

Buckeye Shapeform offers a wide variety of custom manufactured enclosures as well as a lineup of off-the-shelf instrumentation enclosures. We offer both metal enclosures and plastic enclosures and we have them in a variety of styles including desktop, handheld, and rack mount enclosure units

Metal Cans

Buckeye Shapeform is recognized as being a leader is tin-plated steel containers. Tin containers are most often used for product packaging and industrial sample presentations. Buckeye has a variety of prefabricated novelty cans and are available.

  • Body & lid assembled
  • Body is beaded & straight edge
  • Lid with paper label & straight edge

Deep Draw

Buckeye Shapeform is recognized as a leader in deep draw technology for metal forming. Deep draw metal fabrication has many advantages including a cost friendly, reliable alternative to processes like impact and spinning. With deep draw, any industry can benefit from experiencing higher output with lower costs when it comes to metal forming. Deep draw processes provide many benefits to customers.