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Electronics Enclosures for the Oil, Gas and Utility Industries

Electronic enclosures are essential for protecting equipment used in the oil, gas, and utility industries from environmental hazards. They provide a secure, durable solution that can withstand harsh conditions and ensure safe operation of sensitive electronic components. Our enclosures are designed with rigorous safety requirements and constructed of top-quality materials to guarantee optimal performance for any application. And, with our custom deep draw capabilities, we can create a reliable enclosure tailored to your specific needs.

By providing high-quality and durable electronics enclosures, Buckeye Shapeform can help oil, gas and utility companies reduce operational costs and improve overall efficiency while keeping valuable components safe and secure out in the field.

Engineer checking fuel supply
"Buckeye Shapeform was able to provide us with a completely customized enclosure system, including longer length, custom punched top and bottom covers, pre-installed PEM fasteners and custom machined and silk screened front and back covers.”

—Gary Anderson, Newton Research Labs Senior Mechanical Engineer

Why Partner with Buckeye Shapeform?

Oil and gas and utility industry leaders looking to increase innovation should partner with Buckeye Shapeform for precision enclosures and other deep draw products.


We are able to continually innovate with an experienced design team, the latest emerging design and fabrication technologies, and a high level of engineering expertise.


We offer the best quality and durability, the tightest of tolerances, and endless shapes and sizes, as well as economy in multiple test, measurement and technology applications.


From our diverse off-the-shelf enclosure line to our ability to design and create any type of metal or plastic component, we can deliver what you need—when you need it.

Your Product, Your Choice of Metal

Deep draw products undergo innovative integrity-testing procedures, but they are virtually flawless—with no seams or welds—and can be created from a variety of metals, including:
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Mild (cold rolled) steel
  • Precious metals
  • Any ductile material
Aluminum is an ideal choice for protecting vital components in the oil and gas industry because it is lightweight and offers superior strength and durability. It is corrosion-resistant, cost-effective, and can be easily customized to meet your exact requirements. Additionally, it provides excellent heat dissipation, which helps keep sensitive equipment cool even in high temperatures. The final aluminum product is also strong and ductile, and reduces vibration.

Oil, Gas and Utility Industry Resources

Case Study

Nuclear Power Equipment Enclosures

Newton Research Labs develops and manufactures precision, non-contact inspection and measurement solutions with camera-based and robotics technology. Many of these products require high-quality enclosures to protect the valuable components inside them.

White Paper

Custom Enclosures: Replacing 'One Size Fits All' with 'One-Stop Shopping'

Today’s forward-thinking enclosure manufacturers are beginning to think outside of off-the-shelf boxes and are bringing many enclosure customization options and services in-house. The result is a convenient one-stop-shop for enclosure design, fabrication and customization.

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