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A Road Traveled

Buckeye Shapeform

When it comes to metal parts or parts manufacturing you have to choose between a couple different directions to take. Currently the fork in the road lies at individual piece fabrication and mass production metal stamping. But what option is best for your specific needs?

Metal fabrication has been the standard for creating unique one of kind custom metal components for years. This process uses an assembly line of steps to make each piece individually. Beginning with a section of steel or other metal alloy, a series of cutting, folding, welding and other machining tasks, all which are used to form a finished product. This process gives you the best option for fully customized requests. However, when you total up the tooling costs, low quantity production runs and labor cost to operate each machine, the manufacturing cost can lead to a costly product dead end!

Deep draw metal stamping is the much needed highway for mass producing of metal components. The advancements in the deep draw industry, using hydraulic press machines, have essentially combine all the individual machining steps into a single action. The initial tooling setup can be rather lengthy averaging anywhere between 15 – 25 hours. Once set, this style of metal manufacturing can quickly produce a high volume of identical metal parts at a lower manufacture cost when compared to normal fabrication costs. With less tasks being made individually, reduced scrap metal, ability to lower your quality assurance testing and a steady flow of technical innovations; deep draw stamping is increasingly becoming the preferred method for metal component manufacturing.

At Buckeye Shapeform, we put you in the express lane and give you an experienced partner to leverage as a deep drawn manufacturer. Along with the latest industry advancements, we include our talented engineering and design teams, 3D Cad modeling and the trusted word of a company that has been in business since 1902.