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Benefits of Deep Draw Technology

Buckeye Shapeform

Businesses are slowly steering away from traditional processing, which leaves little room for creativity. Beautifully designed tools are great if they can continue to provide protection and perform at acceptable levels. In matters of critical analysis, companies want products that produce results. This is why thousands of businesses are switching to Deep Draw technology. The process is called a “reverse draw,” meaning two draws are integrated into one simple operation, which eliminates additional steps and saves time.

Other benefits of using Deep Draw include its compatibility with metal materials such as:

  • Brass
  • Precious metals
  • Cold mild rolled steel
  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Any metal-based metal

Accuracy is important, especially at the most crucial times. Deep Draw technology maintains accuracy in controlled environments and delivers quality products, which are carefully calibrated. Even small parts are fined-tuned to perform at maximum accuracy, thus reducing and if possible, eliminating, any possibility of error.

    • Aluminum over Steel, The Better Choice
    • Steel is cold, hard and durable, and in most cases it is the best solution. However, at Buckeye Shapeform, we construct and process aluminum to be just as durable and just as strong. Aluminum is lighter and better able to absorb vibrations. This is vital when sensitivity and precision are priority. Durable sealants are applied to the outer surface of products during final assembly in the Deep Draw process. This ensures that the products are finished satisfactory the first time.
    • With the rising costs of materials, businesses make the conscious decision to change from the traditional use of steel to that of aluminum. Buckeye Shapeform’s Deep Draw technology enables them to offer customizable products that meet not only the performance needs of businesses, but also their budgetary needs.
    • Buckeye Shapeform’s unique view on what it takes to satisfy every customer has proven to be the foundation of success for both the company and its customers. Buckeye Shapeform stays up-to-date on the latest advancements in technology, so it can deliver quality services and products to its customers. If there is a change to make that will improve the way businesses operate, business owners can depend on Buckeye Shape Form to enlighten them of these changes and help them implement these changes in their businesses. Deep Draw is only one form of technology that is constantly growing among industries around the globe.