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Buckeye Shapeform Provides Second-to-none Rugged Enclosure Designs

enclosure design

If you’re looking for an enclosure with a rugged design, Buckeye Shapeform is the answer.

NUCON International, an industry leader in filtration testing instrumentation since the early 1970s, needed an enclosure to meet its specifications as an off-the-shelf solution. Buckeye Shapeform’s ability to modify its enclosures to fit a customer’s exact specifications and provide value-added customization services made a Buckeye Shapeform enclosure the perfect solution for NUCON.

Buckeye Shapeform’s enclosure solution for NUCON features a front latch that provides extra protection and durability to the electronic components the enclosure houses. NUCON International began using the unit for filtration calibration in 1983 and continues using that very same enclosure to this day.

“We have used Buckeye Shapeform cases for over 30 years. During that time, the durability, quality and appearance have been — and remain — second-to-none. We look forward to continuing working with and using Buckeye Shapeform cases.”

– NUCON International

Buckeye Shapeform’s solution supplied an enclosure that didn’t just meet the needs of NUCON International — it exceeded their expectations. The rugged enclosure design  has allowed NUCON International to use that same single-units component for initial calibration since 1983 — and without incident.

No matter how small the order, how tight the deadline or how challenging the enclosure, we pride ourselves on being able to manufacture custom enclosures ready for assembly.

Buckeye Shapeform enclosures are engineered to reflect the highest standards of quality manufacturing and workmanship. If you’re looking for the exact enclosure to fit your needs, contact Buckeye Shapeform today!