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Buckeye Shapeform Shines Light on an Innovative Enclosure

fuel profile

When a lighting manufacturer realized its new product required a unique and sophisticated enclosure, it knew from past experience Buckeye Shapeform had the technology and expertise needed to create an entirely custom enclosure in-house—quickly and affordably.


FUEL Lighting Systems, an innovative wireless lighting manufacturer, teamed up with Osram to transform Osram’s award-winning KREIOS G1 Image Projector into the world’s most beautiful wireless profile spotlight. This called for enclosures of multiple lengths, a custom extrusion, custom hole patterns and more. As no standard case met the product’s specific requirements, FUEL Lighting asked Buckeye Shapeform to build a custom enclosure from scratch.


Buckeye Shapeform uses the industry’s latest technology in-house to produce any type of enclosure a customer requires. This allows OEMs and product designers to get everything they need—all from a single source. The Buckeye Shapeform team worked with FUEL Lighting to determine exact dimensions and specifications, and Buckeye generated AutoCAD drawings to ensure everything met the manufacturer’s vision.


“Buckeye Shapeform created a 3D print of the case that allowed me to prototype it faster,” said Fuel Lighting Owner Paul Therrien. “What would typically take months took a manner of a few days. Using a 3D print allowed us to fine-tune and finalize the project several weeks earlier. It was the turning point that allowed the project to get done on-time and on-schedule.”


The expert engineers at Buckeye Shapeform used CNC milling equipment to create a custom extrusion and hole patterns to precisely fit the light’s internal components and mounting requirements. They finished the enclosure with a white powder coating, clear and black anodize treatments, silk screening and graphics—creating a durable and professional appearance.


The end result was the FUEL™ Profile, a truly elegant and versatile wireless image projector. The compact unit features a removable collar and yoke, magnetic holders for gobo and color filters, tri-pod mounting and a single hang point for pendant light concepts.


For more information on the custom enclosure design process, contact the Buckeye Shapeform team today!