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Choosing Packaging Containers and Enclosures Wisely

Buckeye Shapeform

Consumer behavior is changing and the driving forces behind the transition are not what you would typically think. Two of the biggest industries that are being affected from these packaging changes are medical and food and beverage businesses. If you choose the wrong plastic housing method your targeted market will leave your product behind.

Plastic containers have quickly stepped in and taken over 65% of the plastic packaging segment. One market researcher reported the medical sector is posed to become the fastest growing consumer segment fueled by an increase of government initiatives, increased consumer awareness of general health and an aging population with an increasing number of chronic diseases. Pharmaceutical shelf life, recently, has been addressed and created a demand for plastic packaging or enclosures to protect and maintain the chemical properties of today’s medicines. Additional pharmaceutical package regulations have help control and limit fraudulent drug distribution across the nation. Medical and Pharmaceuticals aren’t the only fields to be affected by this change in consumer behavior.

You already see it at various ball parks, alcohol containers have transformed from glass to plastic across the United States. Take a look at the groceries, flexible plastic cases or housings have taken over the freezer sections. Largely impart, to the changing eating habits and lifestyles of consumers. People are becoming busier with less time to prepare and cook meals. Package containers with fast food or quick and easy meals; have seemed to become the norm. Plastic enclosures have now become the preferred packaging over metal, paperboard and glass. They offer a cleaner, more economical and even an environmental friendly option.

In the end you have to choose one, but will it be the right one? Buckeye Shapeform has the experience, tools and talented teams to help evaluate your plastic enclosure or packaging needs and has been an industry leader since 1902. Before you make the choice, let us share what we already know. Ask us how today!