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Cleanliness of Deep Drawn

deep drawn

It is always the smallest part that gets the dirtiness and griminess, enviably slowing down or stopping your job completely. Keeping these vital components and tools clean and serviceable can be a difficult challenge for numerous medical applications and motor operations. Deep draw technology now exists to help the small combustible engine and medical industries to minimize and even eliminate these causes of work stoppage.

Clean and sterile tools is a must for the medical industry, deep drawn metal stamping makes cleaning your precision instruments and tools easier. By leveraging today’s deep drawn technology the smallest detailed tool can be from a single metal piece. Hole punches, vents and even variable diameters can be applied to sheet metal to fit securely on the end of various surgical apparatuses. Using these deep drawn parts can expedite and allow a more thorough disinfecting and cleaning.

Today’s high efficient motors require precise fuel injectors to distribute the exact mixture of the fueland air. A deep drawn formed part simplifies these complex components adding an ease of use element to the motor by creating a single metal stamped piece that separates liquid fuel and gaseous air. Multiple diameters, slots and punches are all features that are available with a single seamless deep drawn part. This strengthens the component and reduces the likelihood of the part failure. The result is better engineered product that performs longer under pressure.

Since 1902, Buckeye Shapeform has been leading the industry in deep drawn metal stamping. We have built an extensive list of nationally recognized partners that continue to return time again and again. We have the industry experience. We have the tools and deep drawn products. We are just waiting for our next partner. Call us today.