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Custom Enclosures: Replacing the ‘One Size Fits All’ Myth

enclosure variety

Today’s forward-thinking enclosure manufacturers are beginning to think outside the box and realize that ‘one size’ really doesn’t fit all. That’s why Buckeye Shapeform offers many enclosure customization options and a complete array of all the services needed to complete the project in-house. The result? A convenient one-stop shop for enclosure design, fabrication and customization that greatly improves the amount of time it takes to get a product to market.

Standard enclosure dimensions don’t work for every application. With its in-house enclosure design and customization, Buckeye Shapeform offers the flexibility to change everything from the height, depth or width of pre-engineered enclosure cases. These capabilities allow customers to get everything they need from a single source, ultimately lowering costs and simplifying billing.

Endless Customization Options to Fit Your Need

Whether you need to modify a standard enclosure or create a completely customized solution from scratch, Buckeye Shapeform offers an endless array of customization options.

Consider the following customization options for your next enclosure design:

Special Sizes

Flexibility is engineered into enclosure components to accommodate special sizing when a standard size won’t fit the requirements.

Self-Clinching Inserts

Inserts such as studs, standoffs, blind studs, captive nuts, spring latches, rivets and right angle standoffs are available in a variety of sizes.

Punching and Holes

A variety of punches and holes in different sizes, configurations and shapes — ranging from square, to round, to trapezoid — are available to mount internal components or allow for venting.


A machining process can be used for holes, vents, corner radius, cutouts, counter boring and other customized processes and — unlike punching — it does not require the material to be flat.


Paint, powder coating or vinyl-laminated metals offer different properties and advantages to suit a final product.


Shielding protects products by limiting interference into or out of an enclosure.


A masking process creates a raw contact surface for plated or painted enclosure components, which is essential for improving the effectiveness of the shielding process.

Graphics and Silk-Screening

A graphic overlay, single-color or multi-color silk screen with your company or product name or logo is the perfect final touch to a customized product.

Are you tired of being forced to fit your products and applications inside a standard enclosure footprint? Contact the experts at Buckeye Shapeform to learn more about custom enclosures.