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Deep Draw Applications: Ensuring Flawless Missile Skins

Buckeye Shapeform

There is perhaps no higher stakes arena than the battlefield. Failure is not an option, as weapon malfunctions can cause devastating consequences for soldiers and for our military. When product performance is mission-critical, Buckeye Shapeform relies on its deep draw applications to manufacture missile skins that deliver the accuracy and integrity necessary to keep soldiers safe.

With deep draw applications, Buckeye Shapeform creates a seamless part with multiple diameters, complex shapes and close tolerances — all necessary components for a missile skin. Buckeye Shapeform uses its deep draw technology to create small, medium and large cylindrical shells, tubes and other shapes that require close tolerances. The process is actually a reverse draw. Material is first pulled, or drawn, through a ring, forming a cup-shaped cylinder with uniform wall thickness. The cylinder is simultaneously turned inside out, or reversed, combining two draws in one operation, which saves time and money while producing extremely reliable results.

Improved Accuracy

Deep draw results in refined, highly calibrated products with tolerances in the thousandths — and the accuracy is repeatable via high-volume, high-speed manufacturing.

Better Finish

Traditional processes must employ secondary operations to achieve the same quality finish that deep draw applications achieve the first time. With deep draw, the finish is typically 63 micro-inches or less, lending a smooth, mirror-like luster to the final part.

“Flexible” Hardness

In its deep draw applications, Buckeye Shapeform uses aluminum because it provides several advantages over steel. It is softer and more malleable and provides a uniform grain structure, which means finished products will absorb vibrations better, which in turn better protects sensitive electronics and other technology housed within the missile skin.

More from Less

While some in manufacturing favor steel over aluminum because, historically, steel has been a less expensive material than aluminum, the reality is that steel’s fluctuating prices and tariffs are making it less attractive. And, a pound of aluminum delivers three times the effective material yield of a pound of steel.

Buckeye Shapeform’s custom deep draw applications ensure your mission-critical products stand up to the toughest of circumstances. Plus, you get our commitment to go the extra mile for our customers regardless of order size, time constraints, or the size and scope of your business.

Could deep draw technology be right for you? Contact the Buckeye Shapeform experts or download our white paper for more information.