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Deep Draw Technology: The Buckeye Shapeform Difference

Buckeye Shapeform

If you are looking for a supplier that can produce highly accurate enclosures in an efficient, reliable way, you should consider a company that uses deep draw technology. Deep draw, or reverse draw, technology integrates two draws into one operation, which eliminates additional steps and saves time. This advanced method of forming metal into desired shapes and sizes of cylindrical shells, tubes and more allows manufacturers to develop unique parts that before were considered too difficult or too costly to create. For industries like military, aerospace or automotive, the performance, accuracy and reliability of products is often critical. Therefore, manufacturers in those industries seek technology they can rely on to provide product integrity and mission-critical performance results. That’s where deep draw technology comes into play.

The Buckeye Deep Draw Difference

At Buckeye Shapeform, the benefits of deep draw technology are endless. Our results far surpass other processes, such as impact or spinning. With deep draw technology, we create seamless, one-piece parts of various shapes, sizes and specifications. On the primary draw, material is pulled or drawn through a ring, forming a cup-shaped cylinder with uniform wall thickness. The cylinder is simultaneously turned inside out, or reversed, thus combining two draws in one operation – saving steps and time. This results in overall better engineered products that are guaranteed to withstand and perform under pressure.

Benefits and Advantages

If you’ve been working with suppliers who don’t specialize in deep draw technology, you should consider your options. The benefits and advantages of using the technology are proven. The process allows for multiple wall thicknesses and custom diameters, eliminates the need to spend time and money on assembling separate product components, and more, including:

  • Tightly held tolerances
  • Multiple diameters with a single seamless part
  • Elimination of waste of raw materials
  • Multiple wall thicknesses, which give strength while reducing the amount of material used in other areas of the product
  • Elimination of costly secondary procedures
  • Improvement of overall accuracy and finish of product


If quality matters to you and your company, rest easy knowing that deep draw technology delivers. For improved product accuracy, multiple shapes and sizes options, flexible material hardness and an overall better finish, deep draw technology is the way to go. Don’t trust critical applications to anything but the best technology.


To learn more about how Buckeye Shapeform’s deep draw technology can help create a more reliable, cost-effective product, contact us online or call 877-728-0776.