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Diversify with Tin (Cans)

Buckeye Shapeform

A diverse portfolio – the ever familiar saying from any financial advisor you have or ever will come across. Diversity helps protect you from the unexpected, leveraging you from an array of the risks and establish a path of future growth.

Tin was one of the first metals discovered by man and has only amplified in its usefulness over time. Even today, its annual tonnage is lower compared to many other metals. However, it still gets used in almost every metal alloy application. One greatly valued attribute of tin is its ability to coat or cover other metals uniformity at small thicknesses, a process called tinplate. The tin metal can is combined with almost every metal to create an exceptionally stronger alloy than the two metals alone.

You are hard pressed to find a packaged product that doesn’t used tinplate. It is used in food products, beer and soft drink cans as well as holding paint, motor oil, disinfectants. It is also use in batteries, gaskets and of course tin containers. It truly is a jack of all trades and will work in a variety ways.

Tin cans and containers can set your product apart. Novelty cans make your products look their best and increase the quality value to your customers. A higher quality package will be directly reflection of the products inside the canister. Buckeye Shapeform offerings a wide array of the value-added services that can help increase sales. Browse our online catalog for your ideal tin can size, material or color.