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Enclosure Delivery

enclosure delivery

Today’s vehicles are increasingly becoming larger and more complicated with onboard computers, large and heavy components or expensive parts that require a detailed maintenance schedule. Just think about how fire trucks have to work together to control, contain and put out a fire in downtown city areas.

Rescue 42, a recent start-up company by firefighters, has introduced a new delivery system that tailors to local and airport firefighting departments. It’s no surprise that fire trucks are large, costly and composed of a combination of hose reels, water pumps, motors and storage tanks. In other words, a lot of moving parts that help brave firefighters save lives and minimize damage. This new enclosure delivery system breaks down these complicated vehicles into smaller units and creates an easy way to move and repair failed components.

The mobile cargo carrier offers a way for one person to easily move an enclosure weighing up to 600 lbs. to and from the job site or in the field. The cart is designed to handle a max capacity of up to 18 cubic foot metal or plastic enclosure, holding it securely to a portable stand that can easily be maneuvered and lifted with just one person.

With Buckeye Shapeform, we can create enclosures made of numerous types of metals or plastics to serve a wide variety of the industries. This allows for large components, generators, compressors, lighting systems and even heavy work saws to be transported to the job site and repaired. Custom enclosures can be made to your exact design specifications and use to include various component housing enclosures for impact protection and water resistance.

Along with meeting all of your enclosure housings needs, Buckeye Shapeform includes a team of talented engineers using the latest 3D CAD tools giving you the ultimate combination of experience and customer support. Let us help create and design an enclosure that will allow you to reach more of your customers.