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Enclosures for the ATM and Theft Detection Industry

Buckeye Shapeform

The ATM industry is utilizing more innovative technology—from small mobile apps to larger initiatives such as China’s facial recognition login. Growth is also occurring in acquisitions of independent ATM suppliers and manufacturers, as smaller companies are trying to keep up with the rapid increase of security regulations and system upgrades. As companies develop new theft-detection systems and technologies, the need for cost-effective, custom enclosures is imperative.

Complex Electronics Call for Custom Enclosures

Many theft-detection systems have multiple points of detection and are fitted with electronics that require specific hole punches, venting and more. Many also have unique dimensions that don’t conform to standard size cases. As ATM companies search for enclosures to fit their latest piece of technology, they find that many enclosure manufacturers cannot fulfill one or more of the required engineering constraints. And those manufacturers with comprehensive capabilities demand unreasonable costs.

Cost-Effective Custom Enclosures

Companies need to seek a supplier that can design and finish a custom enclosure and chassis that fit electronic and ATM industry standards. To keep costs down, the enclosure manufacturer should also have the following capabilities:

  • Flexible dimensions on multiple standard cases
  • Special sizes
  • 3-D AutoCAD drawings
  • Front and rear panel customization
  • Screen printing and graphic overlays

Buckeye Shapeform has all of these capabilities, plus more. We also have extensive experience with the ATM and theft-detection industry. Read the Citywide ATM PitBull Alarm System case study or contact Buckeye Shapeform to find the optimal enclosure for your product.