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Knobs: The Comeback Kid

Buckeye Shapeform

Everything is moving to faster, getting smaller, becoming digitized and using touch screen controls. It’s the latest in gadgets – IPads, smart phones, cars, watches, computer screens and even coffee makers; all have LCD touch screens. In this new age, technology is everything right? Not so fast.

Instrument knobs and selector knobs are beginning to be re-introduced in Detroit, Michigan’s largest industry. Ford recently released its 2015 F-Series and guess what? Ford’s bringing back the old school knobs for its electronic controls and information equipment. New gadgets and features might take the world by storm but it is the simplistic and rudimentary products that remain the marketplace king for years to come!

Ford based their move off consumer feedback and functional design suggestions. Instrument knobs are easier to use, allow for a faster response time within their Ford Sync and the environmental systems. Specifically targeting their pickup customer, they have designed the new 2015 models with knobs and buttons that can be used while wearing gloves, work gloves! What an idea!

From airplane’s cockpits to the light switches in your house, basic knobs and switches remain a simple, easy to use, dependable mechanical function. The knobs can offer multiple functions or control different devices within a single housing unit. As new components become available with the latest technology and are combined into one enclosure (as it is the standard in the medical, aerospace and audio/video industries), having a simple selector tool becomes invaluable!