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Made in America: Buckeye Shapeform

Buckeye Shapeform

Bloomberg reports that consumers are feeling better about the economy than they have for the past six years. This is due to a stronger job market, with more people able to find a job and fewer people losing their jobs. This sets the stage for a boost in spending by consumers, which in turn will help the economy in the U.S. to improve overall. The most optimistic about the economy are the middle and upper income families. The stock market has made strong gains recently and gas prices have not gone up further, making middle America feel better about economic prospects.

Unemployment is at lower rate than in the past six-years. In June, 2014, there were 288,000 new jobs created in the U.S. and 11,000 less unemployment claims. Auto and pickup truck sales are up. Home sales are also up because more people have jobs and the interest rates for home mortgages are still low. During June, 42% of homes sold were on sale for less than a month.

Manufactures are ramping up their production efforts in anticipation of the increased consumer spending. Buckeye Shapeform is a company helping manufacturers by making custom enclosures and special parts in both metal and plastic. Some of the items made by Buckeye Shapeform include knobs, tinplated steel containers, and deep-draw, tube-shaped aluminum products which are part of such things as military equipment and oxygen tanks for firefighters and scuba divers. Buckeye Shapeform has been in business since 1902. The company survived the Great Depression and weathered this recent global economic crisis. Just like the time after the Great Depression was over, things are now starting to pick up once again, as noted by Bloomberg.

Buckeye Shapeform is an American company working with domestics vendors. Clients come from the audiovisual, aerospace, testing, telecommunication, and medical industries. We design, fabricate, and finish items for clients even when they are under tight deadlines, and provide customization of the items as needed. We work with large orders and welcome small orders.

Business is picking up across all sectors in America. To take advantage of the upturn and be ready for the increased demand, manufacturers would be well advised to reach out to Buckeye Shapeform for the customized solutions they need, especially when precision is important. Buckeye Shapeform has been in business for 112 years and has a well-earned reputation of providing excellent customer service.

The U.S. economy is strengthening. Let Buckeye Shapeform put your idea on the wave.

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