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Medical Services Moving Home

Buckeye Shapeform

With increasing health insurance costs, all the recent health care reform laws and the huge baby boomer generation moving into retirement, experts are projecting a massive 8.2% annual demand increase through 2018. How are you going to leverage this potential market?

The healthcare market has been building for the prefect storm. The baby boomers are approaching retirement, waiting to bank in on well-deserved payouts of the social security program. The U.S. government passed a healthcare reform requiring all individuals to carry health insurance. Overcrowded hospitals are having more and more operations outside the walls. They are sending patients home sooner, sometimes same day for extensive procedures like open heart surgery, to recover with home health monitoring devices.

Today, the technology is currently in place to remotely monitor patients in real-time at a medical facility. This evolution reduces the hospital’s patient costs, while maintaining a level of available rooms and services for a larger population. These new programs have emerged from this battle between physicians and hospitals being pressured by health insurers to improve patient outcomes, treatments and costs.

This enormous older population, dealing with a wider array of the health issues, has begun to customize their home and wheelchairs to fit their impressively active lives. Wheelchairs are becoming more than a disabled individuals’ transportation, individuals are managing their own health with home medical furniture and protecting themselves with bathroom safety products.

Coming full circle, this generation started in a comfortable, big family home. Now they are returning to that same place that allows them to relax as they recover and continue living the life they know. The Baby Boomers are balancing their lives and pushing off nursing or assistant living facilities and choosing the comfort of their own home.

Whether you believe it or not, the home health care industry is on the move. Are you looking for the right signs? Is your business ready to adapt to this booming market? Turn to Buckeye Shapeform to help your business’s products take this market head on!