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New Medical DNA

Buckeye Shapeform

The human genome project has blazed a path for one of the largest and fastest globally growing market to date. A recent medical market report projected this industry’s annual growth rate of 9.8% from 2014 to 2020, with a net worth topping $19 billion by 2020. What medical field could gain so much traction so quickly? The DNA diagnostics market.

Our aging population is expecting the health care industry to provide earlier diagnosis and the best treatment options. The success of manufacturers of medical supplies, devices, and imaging technologies rests on their ability to provide the most precise specialized products possible. Yet, this rapid industry innovation rate increases the risk of technology obsolescence. Medical industry suppliers know better than anyone that innovation must match the speed of an increasing number of medical ailments and more efficiently than ever seen before.

Whether you’re launching the latest product or simply retooling an existing one, Buckeye Shapeform goes the extra mile in ways that our competitors simply can’t…or won’t. To make your innovative product come to life and to make complicated jobs easy, align your industry leading technology with a medical enclosure manufacturer that boasts:

  • A highly experienced design team
  • The latest emerging design and fabrication technologies
  • Engineering expertise

Buckeye Shapeform is known for its innovative design and production techniques, making us an industry leader in the creation of enclosures and other components for medical supplies, devices and imaging technologies.