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Plastic Enclosure Projects Benefit from NMR Technology

Buckeye Shapeform

For most engineers and project managers, the issue with plastic enclosures is not any real issue with the item itself but rather with the mode of fabrication. Buckeye Shapeform is an innovative company that utilizes No Molds Required Technology (NMR). This no-molds-required manufacturing process makes for a much faster process and a sturdier product overall. Engineers and project managers use this technology in a variety of applications.

This technology can be used for panels, shields, brackets, and other projects that are best used when tooling is not necessary. The majority of NMR technology is used for plastic electronics enclosures. This type of project is perfect for plastic enclosures for a variety of reasons, but particularly because they are great for customization. No longer are engineers required to alter their projects to fit the enclosure; the enclosure can now be created specifically to work with the project at hand.

Because there is no tooling required, these enclosures can be created to fit the specific project that is being worked on. This makes for a much more efficient and useful enclosure that is always going to fit your project. Another benefit of NMR is that these enclosures are very secure. This means that the enclosure is not only going to fit your project perfectly, it is also going to protect the project. Protecting electronic projects is one of the main issues that people run into. Without proper protection, a project that took years to produce can be destroyed in a few moments without proper enclosures. Though it may seem like factors such as order size, project difficulty, and more may slow down your order, Buckeye Shapeform can create custom enclosures that are specifically engineered for your project.

Still another benefit is that these enclosures can be colored and created from whatever materials you want. Again, the fact that you do not have to employ any tooling makes the process much faster and can help to eliminate certain steps that can make the process much harder and more drawn out. The last advantage associated with no-molds-required technology is that you do not have to pay any tooling costs. This means that more money can be devoted to the project at hand rather than the enclosure that you are working with. Overall the NMR process offered by Buckeye Shapeform is a great option for those that want a simple plastic enclosure that is going to protect their project and be fitted specifically to the project.