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Plastics: The Trending Material

Buckeye Shapeform

As the cost of metal and iron continue to fluctuate plus the price of shipping bigger and heavier products or prototypes, companies have to test and explore with different types of material to control product launching costs. The Industrial Designers Society of America had recently released its 2014 International Design Excellence Awards for the newest ideas and products about to hit the market. The next big thing may come with a lot of growing pains or failures, can your production process adapt with you?

With all the customizing, product changes or lack of investors; developing a prototype can cost as much as a full scale production. Thankfully there is a solution. Using plastics can help drive down these looming expenses. Plastic offers the most versatile and cost-effective solution in the market today! With low costs, quick turn-around time, no tooling requirement and the capability to allow for mid-project design changes, plastic has become a much desired material to work with. As an alternative to injection molding, Buckeye Shapeform’s Plastic Enclosure Technology (PET) can provide a more flexible real-world product cost for your prototype.

Plastic Product casings are becoming more reliable with new chemical formulas and blends of materials. With the latest technology, there are now types of plastic enclosures that are impact and chemical resistant. These enclosures can be FDA and USDA approved for food processing and storage. Special blends of materials can even be bulletproof or flame retardant housings for extreme temperatures; all while providing you with the flexibility to redesign as needed.

Checkout the Square Stand by Square:


With the recent development in plastic enclosures technology, many features are now available that you never thought of before! Buckeye Shapeform has combined customization with lower product run costs due to our in-house engineers’ willingness to walk customers through the entire process using the latest tools and systems. Designs can include grooves for PC boards or the use of snap enclosures that will eliminate mounting hardware and fasteners.

Looking for the latest and greatest advancements in Plastics? Here a few plastics that Buckeye Shapeform has to offer:

ABS Plastics – a flame retardant with excellent impact resistances, commonly used in many cosmetic parts for its professional appearance.

Polycarbonate –supreme strength and light weight, is nearly unbreakable. Bulletproof chasses or other enclosures inside banks are often made of this plastic type.

Acrylic – resistant to weathering, chipping and scratching. Keeps its color even under UV lighting.