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Powder Coating Now Available In-House at Buckeye Shapeform

Buckeye Shapeform

Buckeye Shapeform has added a new capability — powder coating — to its line of offerings for its customers in order to gain more control over the turnaround time and costs of certain projects.

Customers will benefit from this new capability in many ways:

  • Lower costs
  • Quicker lead times
  • More control over the process with Buckeye Shapeform

Powder Coating 101

Powder coating is a type of coating that is applied as a powder paint to various parts. The powder coating is applied electrostatically, meaning there is a negative charge and a positive charge. The part to be painted is electrically charged and the powder coat, with the opposite charge, then sticks to the part. The part is then cured, or baked, under heat.

As with liquid paint, powder coating is available in almost any color choice, making it possible for companies to match colors to their logos or to other equipment. Any liquid paint color can also be achieved with powder coating.

Powder Coating vs. Liquid Paint

The advantage of powder coating over liquid paint is that it creates a hard finish that is tougher than liquid paint and less susceptible to chipping or peeling. Powder coating can be used to cover metals, including appliances, aluminum extrusions and various parts.

At Buckeye Shapeform, we apply powder coating to a thickness of four-thousandths of an inch, which provides extremely durable coverage.

The Move to In-House Powder Coating

Buckeye Shapeform processes about 15,000 to 17,000 job orders a year. Every day we get a request for a product that has a powder coating assigned to it. In order to offer our customers a more reasonable delivery time at a lower cost than an outside vendor would charge, we invested in and installed a powder-coating operation of our own.

Ultimately, this expansion of our capabilities improves our ability to offer better-packaged solutions for our customers.

If you have a project that requires powder coating, or if you have questions about this new capability, contact the experts at Buckeye Shapeform!