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Product Highlight: Flex-i-pak and Xpand-a Custom Enclosures

ATM pitbull

Our Flex-i-pak and Xpand-a series of custom enclosures are now in stock and ready for purchase. Flex-ipak custom enclosures have many features including:

  • Sturdy aluminum construction
  • Standard EIA 17” rack mount width
  • Durable clear anodized trim
  • Standard screw-in back panel
  • Optional screw-in front panel
  • Internal mounting chassis for easy internal component mounting

These enclosures come with black or blue vinyl tops and bottom panels and optional side handles. Each enclosure is made from Plexiglas and aluminum. You choose from six standard heights and three standard depths. As with all of our products, we provide AutoCAD 3D modeling and custom engineering and design services to customize the part to your project.

Our Xpand-a series provides a complete line of affordable, flexible enclosure solutions for any application. These are more portable and can be handheld or bench top. They are made from aluminum, are less restrictive and can be used for desktop applications. The Xpand-a series is more customizable than the Flex-i-pak series. Unlike Flex-i-pak, enclosures in this series have no dimensional restrictions. Standard enclosures in this series come with .09-inch front and rear panels and .062-inch top, bottom and side panels. These custom enclosures are affordable and have broad application for a variety of custom projects. These enclosures are finished to your specifications.

Here at Buckeye, we are constantly seeking out new solutions to meet the needs of our clients in the audio/visual, medical, aerospace and military fields. Today’s manufacturing processes are dependent upon quick turn-around, customization, and superior quality. Both our Flex-i-pak and Xpand-a series helps Buckeye Shapeform to provide these critical elements to manufacturing clients. Talk to us about customizing enclosures from these series according to your company’s specific needs. If you decide that either the Flexi- pak or Xpand-a series is right for you, request a quote from our website. We will be more than happy to assist you in your design process.