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Case Study:

Nuclear Power Equipment Enclosures Case Study


Nuclear Power


Custom Enclosures for Inspection and Measurement Technology

Customer Profile

Newton Research Labs develops and manufactures precision, non-contact inspection and measurement solutions based on proven machine vision technology and innovative software applications. Its powerful, easy-to-use and industrial rugged systems serve a wide range of industries with camera-based and robotics technology. Many of these products require high-quality enclosures to protect the valuable components inside them.

The Challenges

Newton engineers knew they had a problem when enclosure units that they had contracted to be manufactured from bent sheet metal at a local shop proved to be of poor quality and fit for their products. The engineers began to search for a supplier that could provide them with a customized, high-quality enclosure that had a crisp, professional appearance.

This supplier would need to:

  • Fabricate and finish an enclosure and chassis for them
  • Supply a 3D model of a standard 1U enclosure that they could modify to house three newly developed products for the nuclear power industry

The Solutions

Newton Research Labs turned to its long-time partner for modified enclosures: Buckeye Shapeform. Since 2004, Newton Research Labs has worked with Buckeye Shapeform to create custom enclosures for various products. In the past, engineers worked together to modify Build-a-Box series enclosures and E4 Series tube extrusion enclosures.

The engineers at Newton knew that Buckeye’s one-on-one attention throughout the years would contribute to a successful partnership and professional quality enclosures for its nuclear industry products.

From the beginning of the project, our engineers and Newton Research Labs worked together to develop a custom enclosure solution that could be manufactured to fit the needs of three recently developed nuclear industry products:

  • NM200E PWR Core Verification System
  • NM200UW Nuclear Underwater Laser Scanner
  • BWR RPV Dryer Robot

Buckeye Shapeform engineers sent 3D AutoCAD model drawings to the engineers at Newton Research Labs that allowed them to easily modify our FC-B enclosure to fit their needs. Newton’s engineers customized the FC-B enclosures to house the control components of each product.

The enclosures featured modular characteristics that allowed the primary unit to be used in all three products by simply changing the front panel. The FC-B enclosure was further modified so it would attach to the metal electronics rack within a molded, high-impact airline- transportable case that formed each product’s control console.

When the design was finalized, our team fabricated and finished custom enclosures to exactly match the Newton engineers’ specifications.

Buckeye Shapeform was able to provide us with a completely customized enclosure system, including longer length, custom punched top and bottom covers, pre-installed PEM fasteners and custom machined and silk screened front and back covers.

—Gary Anderson, Newton Research Labs Senior Mechanical Engineer

The Results

Buckeye Shapeform listened to the needs of the Newton engineers and worked side-by-side with them to create a custom enclosure solution. By working together with timely, accurate communication, the engineers at both companies:

  • Successfully developed an exceptional end product
  • Reduced costs and production time
  • And ultimately contributed to better overall project savings

During the project, we found a way to save Newton Research Labs hundreds of dollars by reviewing its inventory of existing die tools and suggesting one that had a design for punching ventilation slots that was very close to specifications of the Newton product. Newton engineers easily repositioned some electronic components inside the unit and saved on the expense of purchasing a custom-made die tool.

The successful partnership between these two companies is a testament to their dedication to developing solutions that ultimately benefit the end user. Since their partnership began in 2004, our team has worked side-by-side with Newton Research Labs to provide their customers with professional-grade products and service.

The most notable part of working with Buckeye Shapeform is that when our engineers order a product or process, Buckeye’s people suggest alternate and effective ideas.

—Gary Anderson, Newton Research Labs Senior Mechanical Engineer

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