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Case Study:

Alarm System Enclosure Case Study


Security/Theft Prevention


ATM PitBull Alarm System Enclosure

Customer Profile

Business owners install ATMs at their retail locations to increase store traffic by providing customers with a convenient and quick bank withdrawal. But when money is involved, the risk of theft is ever present. Retail owners want to deter potential burglars from tampering with or stealing their ATM and to rest assured that if a burglar strikes, their ATM will be easily and securely recovered.

Citywide ATM, (citywideatm.com) a nationwide seller, distributor and processor of ATMs, required an enclosure and chassis that had a nice appearance, American-made quality and effectively housed their ATM PitBull alarm system. The ATM PitBull alarm system has multiple points of detection and is fitted with electronics, including GPS live tracking, that can be controlled with an external keypad.

The Challenges

  1. Engineering Constraints – As Citywide ATM searched for an enclosure, it found that many manufacturers could not fulfill one or more of the required engineering constraints, while those manufacturers with comprehensive capabilities demanded costs that were extremely prohibitive to the project’s budget.
  2. Size & Dimensions – The size and dimension configurations were the most limiting factors. The ATM PitBull alarm system is best suited to a vertical orientation, which requires minimal shelf space. The internal components are similarly influenced and require slightly more length than found in commonly available, standard-size enclosures.

Citywide ATM contacted us after hearing that we could both design and finish a modified enclosure and chassis for them, and create that design based on electronic industry standards. Upon calling us, Laurian was pleased to find that the measurement that needed to be increased on one of our custom enclosures happened to be the measurement that our product allowed the most flexibility in customizing. This meant minimal costs for Citywide ATM.

Too many compromises were necessary to use any other enclosure that we researched.

—Bruce Laurian, Citywide ATM Chief Technical Officer

The Solutions

Custom Enclosure Design

Our team took the basic parameters that Citywide ATM gave us and produced drawings of a fabricated chassis, including front and rear panels, and a modified enclosure based on our existing E-Series extruded aluminum enclosures (build-a-box). Our engineers helped Citywide ATM select the E-Series to be customized because the E-Series enclosure offers easy access to internal electronics.

Metal Laser Cutting for Customization

The internal configuration of the enclosure needed to facilitate assembly and post installation internal access. Horizontal slots were provided, allowing a custom chassis (also fabricated by us) to be slid in and out like a drawer. This allowed for convenient assembly, future servicing or upgrading and limited internal access to end users by the use of front and rear cover panels.

Logo Screen Printing

To finish the ATM PitBull alarm system, we screen printed each enclosure with the company’s pit bull logo.

After receiving the production prototype for QA (quality assurance), I realized we made the right decision in going with Buckeye Shapeform. Every aspect of the resulting equipment was either as expected or better. It was a truly professional job at a cost much less than expected.

—Bruce Laurian, Citywide ATM Chief Technical Officer

The Results

The modified E-Series enclosures were built to Citywide ATM’s exact specifications. These new enclosures helped further the company’s relationships with top-grade American banks and armored-vehicle service organizations by providing top of the line ATM security.

For anyone in search of fabrication of this type, I would encourage them to give Buckeye Shapeform the opportunity to provide them with the peace of mind I received on this project. I thought price would have been the primary factor, but after my dealings with Buckeye Shapeform, I realized the value of their service as well.

—Bruce Laurian, Citywide ATM Chief Technical Officer

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