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Deep Draw Technology:

Making High-Quality Mission-Critical Parts Affordable to Produce

In applications where product performance is mission critical, commercial, military and aerospace companies need technology they can rely on to manufacture deep-drawn cylindrical product components that deliver superior product integrity and optimal performance results. Every time.

The imperfections inherent in traditional processes beg the need for a more advanced manufacturing alternative… Deep draw technology.

Through a virtually flawless manufacturing process, deep draw technology creates complex small, medium and large cylindrical shells, tubes and other shapes requiring close tolerances.

Download this free white paper to learn more about Buckeye Shapeform’s deep draw process.

  • Reversing the process for better results
  • Eliminating costly secondary manufacturing steps
  • Providing more reliable results than conventional production alternatives
  • The ‘material’ benefits of deep draw technology
  • Putting the ‘deep’ in deep draw
  • Going deeper to deliver single-source reliability

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