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The Muscle behind Custom Enclosures

dual mode muscle lever controller with motors

Without muscles, humans would be unable to live. We would not be able to move, talk, walk, eat, breath or sit. Our heart would not be able to beat, and our bodies wouldn’t be able to regulate temperature. That’s why advancing research in the field of muscle physiology is so important. Modern physiological research explores cardiovascular disease, spinal cord injuries, gastrointestinal functions and much more.

Aurora Scientific exists to assist researchers with the most advanced research products. For example, its Dual-Mode Lever System controls and measures force and length, helping researchers characterize a number of muscle types and sizes.

When Aurora Scientific first manufactured the Dual-Mode Lever System in 1997, its product designers were searching for an enclosure that fit all of the system’s intricate internal components. A standard, off-the-shelf enclosure couldn’t fit the product’s exact specifications. The manufacturer turned to Buckeye Shapeform for a custom enclosure.

Buckeye Shapeform engineers worked with Aurora Scientific to modify its DII enclosure and create a custom solution. Buckeye Shapeform added a rack mount handle, modified the front, rear and bottom panels, and finished the enclosure with a custom two-color silk screen logo and labeling.

Because of Buckeye Shapeform’s vast in-house capabilities and quick turnaround, it was able to deliver a custom, cost-effective solution to the manufacturer. It enabled Aurora Scientific to pass the savings on to the end customer. The Dual-Mode Lever System technology provides an economical, accurate and easy-to-use solution to the muscle researcher.

“Buckeye has been providing cases to Aurora Scientific for over 18 years,” said Aurora Scientific President Geoff Chandler. “Their ability to provide a complete case, including machining and silk screening, simplifies the manufacturing of our dual-mode lever systems. They’ve been a very good company to work with.”

Aurora Scientific continues to partner with Buckeye Shapeform in the manufacturing of this critical product.

For more information on Buckeye Shapeform’s custom enclosure process for research instrument manufacturing, contact the Buckeye Shapeform team today!


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