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Top 4 Custom Enclosure FAQs

Buckeye Shapeform

Our team works hard to manufacture cases that meet your needs and make your life easier. We also provide services that make your enclosures pleasing to the eye and unique to your applications. We know you have questions about our custom enclosures and the services we provide. To learn the answers to a few of our most asked questions, continue reading.

What types of hole punching and vent patterns do you offer?

We keep an inventory of more than 600 punches that range from basic patterns to highly complex ones. Our punch inventory includes:

  • Single D
  • Double D
  • Round
  • Obround
  • Vent
  • Square
  • Rectangular
  • Trapezoid

We have a complete list of our punches and specifications on our website.

What silk-screening and graphic overlay services do you offer?

We have single and multicolor silk-screening services to enhance your products.

Our custom enclosures benefit esthetically and functionally from silk-screened labels that identify component plug-ins and other controls.

Graphic overlays make your cases unique. The addition of a graphic overlay with your company logo will make your enclosures fun to see.

We apply the designs you provide. Give us a camera-ready image, or send a design electronically. Send art saved with a .tif or .eps extension with a resolution of 300 dpi or higher.

Can I Purchase All My Fasteners and Stand-Offs From You?

We have next-day service on most PEM fasteners and stand-offs. We work closely with PEM to supply the fasteners you need as quickly as possible. Our supply includes:

  • Nuts for sheet metal
  • Studs and pins for sheet metal
  • Captive panel screws/hardware
  • Sheet-to-sheet attachment
  • Cable tie-mounts and hooks for sheet metal
  • Fasteners for printed circuit board mounting
  • MicroPEM fasteners

We also supply the following stand-offs:

  • Concealed-head
  • Snap-top
  • Thin sheet, thru-hold for stainless steel installation
  • MicroPEM, self-clinching
  • Keyhole
  • Grounding
  • Close-to-edge

What other enclosure customizations do you make?

We manufacture internal chassis plates to your specifications.

A chassis plate holds electronic components to make insertion and extraction easier. Your custom enclosures with internal chassis plates will hold components in place and slide out for easy access.

Your enclosure design can include removable sides and top for even easier access to internal workings. We can groove the inside of your case so your PCB boards stack neatly inside. We work with you to make the enclosure you need to make your work easier while meeting industry specifications for strength and safety.