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High-Performance Instrument Control Knobs for Your A/V Products

Buckeye Shapeform

Behind every successful theatre production, rock concert or television broadcast is a production crew making sure everything goes smoothly. From lighting and sound to wardrobe changes and directors, the behind-the-scenes crew is just as much a work of art as the onstage performance.

But the production crew isn’t the only unseen component of every successfully synchronized performance. Behold: the instrument control knobs.

Performing to higher standards

Today, audio-visual (A/V) equipment industry leaders are charged with providing user-friendly, inexpensive products. Buckeye Shapeform creates quality instrument control knobs and accessories for countless A/V applications. Our ability to create instrument control knobs in-house saves A/V equipment suppliers time and money.

Delivering quality instrument control knobs

Buckeye Shapeform’s instrument control knobs are precision-molded of ABS plastic and are noted for their toughness, rigidity, dimensional stability, glossy finish and resistance to stain, corrosion and variance of temperature. We make all of our knobs with a serrated aluminum bushing that is precisely set to assure concentricity.

Providing A/V customization options

Buckeye Shapeform’s instrument control knobs can be accented with a variety of markings, caps and skirts. We offer six basic diameters with attractive variations in styles, the result of our many epoxy-coated caps, insets, pebble finish tops and color contrasting ring insets.

In a dynamic A/V equipment market, Buckeye Shapeform’s talents meet your needs for performance, ease-of-use and economy. Contact Buckeye Shapeform and we’ll help you find the knob that’s right for you.

Click here to learn how Buckeye Shapeform helped Channel D Solutions, Inc. with their A/V equipment challenges.